Space Shuttle Airport Vs Blu Emu – What Suits Your Needs Best?

Finding the perfect spot to park your car at the airport can be challenging, whether it is just for a few hours or days. However, when it comes to parking at Sydney Airport, you might want to think twice before pulling in. The parking rates at the airport should not be overlooked, with prices starting at $51 per day for domestic terminals and a hefty $59 for international terminals, thus making it the most expensive airport parking rate in the country.

So, your next best option is to choose one of the car parks located close to the airport. In this blog, we take a closer look at the Blue EMU Car Park and the Space Shuttle Airport Car Park. Let’s find out which is most suitable for your needs based on location, parking options, convenience, and prices.


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Blue Emu Parking Location

The Blue Emu car park location is approximately 6 km from the Sydney airport. By car, it takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the Blue EMU parking spot from the Sydney airport.

Space Shuttle Parking Location

The Space Shuttle Car Park is conveniently located approximately 400 metres from the domestic terminal and 1 km from the international terminal. 


The Space Shuttle Parking gets more favourable points thanks to its close proximity to the Sydney Airport. 

Shuttle Convenience

Blue EMU

Blue EMU car park offers a free shuttle bus service to the domestic terminal every 15 minutes. There is no convenience provided for the international terminal.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Parking provides a free on-demand shuttle service to and from both domestic and international terminals.


Passengers would prefer the Space Shuttle Car Park over Blue Emu as the former provides on-demand shuttle service to both Airport terminals.

Parking Options

When it comes to airport car parks, you can choose from either open-air parking or undercover parking. The former is usually the cheapest option, but it leaves your car vulnerable to natural elements like wind and rain.

Blue EMU

Blue EMU Parking at the Sydney airport has provisions for open-air parking only. There is no option for undercover parking available.

Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle Car Park offers dedicated undercover reserved parking spots with market-leading 2.6m high clearance on the ground floor for their VIP members. They also have rooftop parking under sails so that your car is protected from the harsh sun or rainy weather conditions with 2.25m high clearance.


The Space Shuttle Car Park wins this round as undercover parking is more in demand. Especially for passengers who plan on leaving their car at the location for more than a day, getting protection from the wind and rain is a key factor.


Both the Blue Emu parking airport space and the Space Shuttle car park are meant for self-parked vehicles. This means once you park your car, you take the car keys with you. If you are considering keeping your car in the parking for 3-4 days, then the security features need to be tight for your peace of mind.

Blue EMU

At the Blue Emu, there is no 24/7 security, and the CCTV coverage is also limited.

Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle Car Park has 24/7 on-site security and full CCTV coverage along with security and number plate recognition to ensure your car is safe and secure at all times.


The Space Shuttle Car Park offers superior security arrangements, likely attracting more passengers.

Additional Features

Blue EMU

On the other hand, Blue EMU at Sydney Airport lacks any of these conveniences. There is also no assistance provided for disabilities.

Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle Car Park has an on-site Travelodge Hotel and Cafe. They also provide on-site deluxe hand car wash service so you can return from your flight to a freshly cleaned and spotless car. The car park also offers parking assistance for disabled individuals.


These additional features are more of a luxury than a necessity when choosing a car park. But the lack of disability-friendly features at the Blue Emu Car Park will be counted as a drawback for it.

Loyalty Program

If you’re a frequent flyer, then loyalty programs at a car park can help you save significant money in the long run.

Blue EMU

Sadly, Blue EMU car park specials do not include a loyalty program.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Car Park is associated with Wilson Parking, and their registered members can enjoy the benefits of the Wilson One parking card.


If you are already a member of the Wilson One reward program member, you can enjoy benefits at the Space Shuttle Car Park.


Finding a decent parking spot in Sydney has become a challenge for most car drivers. But when it comes to airport parking, Sydney Airport is almost notorious for its obscene parking charges at domestic and international terminals. 

So, most passengers prefer parking their car at a nearby car park and then taking the shuttle to their designated terminal of travel. The Space Shuttle Car Park is closest to the Sydney Airport in terms of proximity. It is cheaper, more secure, and has better parking options than Blue EMU at Sydney Airport.

The next time you travel to Sydney Airport, book your parking space at Space Shuttle Car Park. Book your car space with us online and get exciting offers!

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