Top 5 places you can jet off to for your next overseas adventure this November!

 The long-anticipated return of international travel is officially ready for take-off to five spectacular locations. Get ready for adventures spanning across the other side of the globe, it might seem overwhelming deciding where to go from the 1st of November. To ease location paralysis, we have outlined what each country has to offer. Ditch the nerves and ramp up the excitement for your awaited adventure.  




1. London

Take off begins: 1st November 2021 


Flight duration: 23 hours 10 minutes 


Known for: Buckingham Palace 

Witness one of the world’s most revered monarchies in the world! This location is suited for the sight-seeing traveller who loves history rich museums, travel hubs and pubs. 


Interesting fact: London has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai 

Yes, you heard right. This city has so many delicious Indian restaurants that you can become overwhelmed by the countless options on offer. You definitely do not need to worry about finding a nice curry or samosa in this bustling location.  




2. Los Angeles

Take off begins: 1st November 2021 


Flight duration: 13 hours 40 minutes 


Known for: Universal Studios Hollywood  


This destination is for film lovers and city fanatics who enjoy a large feast and pretty much anything “fun sized.” The two in one theme park and city walk is a standout location with a beautiful dining and shopping area.  


Interesting fact: The Hollywood sign originally said “Hollywoodland”  

The famous sign was originally a billboard meant to last 18 months but was kept as a long-standing fixture. In 1949 the ‘H’ fell down and the ‘land’ was removed. Now it is a historic gem we wouldn’t know LA without! 




3. Fiji

Take off begins: 16th December 2021 


Flight duration: 3 hours 45 minutes 


Known for: Soft coral capital of the world 

When you mention Fiji, you immediately think of tropical beaches and crystal clear waters. This gorgeous island is known for its diverse reefs and world class diving locations such as Namena Marine Reserve for all the water lovers out there.  


Interesting fact: Fiji has more than 300 Islands 

There are so many sub islands in Fiji’s archipelago due to past volcanic action, sedimentary deposits and coral formation. In other words, there is always a place to swim, relax and explore amongst the countless islands stretching far and wide across the South Pacific! 




4. Singapore

Take off begins: 18th December 2021 


Flight duration: 7 hours 45 minutes 


Known for: Avatarish Gardens by the Space

This National Garden is a horticultural attraction located in the Marina Space waterfront, which showcases beautiful flora through non-stop entertainment and education about different plant species. This garden will definitely transport all nature lovers into a dreamy oasis.  


Interesting fact: Buildings in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 metres 

This southeast city prides itself on its spotless surrounds, safety and equally sized buildings for a nice cohesive walk through the city. Singapore’s aesthetic landmarks make it such a beautiful, and exciting destination.




5. Honolulu, Oahu 

Take off begins: 19th December 2021 

Flight duration: 9 hours 40 minutes 

Known for: Waikiki Beach  

Located on the south shore of Honolulu, this neighbourhood beach is famous for it’s glorious surfing and endless water activities. Home to many glamourous hotels and zoo’s, this is a must visit destination for families, or those looking to explore tropical surrounds.  

Interesting fact: More than one-third of the world’s commercial supply of pineapples comes from Hawaii 

Be sure to order the famous Pineapple Tiki cocktail to make use of their endless pineapple fruit supply. From punch to martini’s Honolulu has all the latest drink trends covered to enjoy by the beach.


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