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How Secure Are Airport Car Park In Sydney?

Travelling overseas for a few days and don’t want to leave your car unattended? Do you need to ensure the security of your vehicle while you are travelling? Want to spend less time and money on cabs or public transportation?
If you’ve been considering these options, airport parking in Sydney is one of the most practical solutions. However, while it is the most convenient alternative and can save you money and time, some of the most frequently asked concerns at Space Shuttle Airport Car Park is “how safe is airport parking?” – Will my car be in good condition when I return? What if I return to a dented or scratched car? What if my car gets stolen while being parked at long-term airport parking?
To give you a better understanding and allow you to leave your car without any concerns, we will be answering all of the common questions that the majority of our clients have about airport parking with shuttle service in this blog.

How Safe are On-site Airport Car Parks?

Airport parking lots that are on-site are typically close to the terminals. These parking lots are frequently owned and managed by airport authorities, who charge customers more for their accessibility and proximity to arrivals and departures. Does this additional expense result in more security and health safety measures? Sadly, that’s not usually the case. In reality, it’s more difficult to keep an eye on these parking lots because anyone can enter them at any time, day or night.

How Secure are Offsite Airport Parking Lots?

The majority have gates, are manned by security crews around-the-clock, and are under camera monitoring. At the same time, only authorised visitors are permitted inside the car storage facilities, and even paying clients are only permitted in the lobby.
On the other hand, there are occasionally lots that don’t provide much security but provide cheap airport parking in Sydney than their competitors. Your choice of the parking lot will ultimately determine the safety of both you and your vehicle in this regard. As a result, it’s crucial to weigh all of your options and take cost and safety into account.

Are Valet Parking Services Safe?

Despite being expensive, valet parking services are typically quite well-secured. The typical valet parking lot is manned, guarded, and CCTV-enabled. Mostly only trained staff are permitted to drive and park in these parking lots, making them off-limits to the general public. It goes without saying that you will have to give someone else your car keys, so it’s important to do some online research before choosing a valet service.

Is it Safe to Leave Your Car Long-Term?

We understand that keeping your automobile in an airport parking lot for an extended period of time may raise some concerns for you. We’ve all seen news articles about thieves who can break into cars to steal things or even the car itself. These incidents are rare, but when they do occur, they make the news. Your car will be secure while you’re away if you park with a reputable airport parking company like Space Shuttle Airport Car Park that offers sufficient security features.
Space Shuttle Airport Parking has CCTV on all parking levels, on-site security & only permitted customers to have access to the car park. The car park is well-lit 24 hours per day with generous size parking spaces for safe long-term airport parking.

Extra Measures to Keep your Car Safe

  1. Take out valuables from your cars, such as electronics, chargers, sporting goods, and even spare coins.
  2. Ensure that you don’t leave copies of your trip plans or parking ticket in a prominent location. Potential thieves can find out from these items how long your automobile is expected to be parked there.
  3. If you park in a lot where you can pick your own spot, make sure to pick one that is as near the exit or the elevators/stairwells.

If you are looking for a safe spot to leave your car, Space Shuttle Airport Car Park is for you. Contact us today whether you need mascot airport parking or long-term car parking by calling 1800 289 289 or emailing us at


*It is important to note that Parking at Space Shuttle Airport Parking is subject to the terms & conditions of entry by Wilson Parking.